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Step 8: The sales process

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Once you have agreed an offer and instructed a solicitor, they will send you various questionnaires to complete: These questionnaires will ask for information on the fixture and fittings that are going to be included in the sale, details of any works or extensions done, boundary information and a draft contract.

Try to complete these forms as soon as you can to avoid any unnecessary delays. These questionnaires can come across as quite daunting so if you are getting stumped, your solicitor or agent would be able to give you advice on how to complete them. If you have any guarantees or certificates for any works or extensions that you have had done it is advisable to find these and forward over to your solicitor as early as possible again to avoid any delays.

If you are going away during the process of selling your property, please ensure you inform your agent and solicitor in plenty of time so all parties are aware to avoid any unnecessary problems that could be arise while you are away or buyers expecting to move on the dates you have planned to go away.

You will need to give access to a surveyor that works on behalf of the bank (or independent surveyor if a cash buyer) so they can conduct a survey on the property. This will be booked in at a convenient time for you. You can give your agent a key to let the surveyor in if you don’t want to take time off work or it’s not convenient for you to be around.

Your agent is there to help progress and move the sale along. They will be in regular contact with you, the buyer, solicitors, mortgage brokers and other agents that are in the chain for the sale to reach exchange/completion as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Should there be any difficulties that arise during the sales process your agent is on hand to help and advice. Please note that it is only the solicitors that can confirm they are satisfied with the documents and information that is needed for the contracts to exchange.





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