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Step 5 Conducting Viewings

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Conducting viewings is often best done by you as the seller, lets face it you know the local schools and council tax band and water rates far better than any estate agent can.

There are a few things you CAN do that help viewings and equally a couple of things to try NOT to do !

Here’s a few pointers to help you present your property in the best possible light to potential buyers

Before the viewing

· Open curtains and blinds to let as much natural light in.

· On gloomy days or evening viewings you may need to turn the lights on.

· De-clutter the entrance hall. Try and remove all coats and shoes.

· If it’s a cold day, ensure the heating is on.

· Tidy the living spaces by removing toys, paperwork, laptops. Turn the T.V off. Maybe put a little background music on.

· Keep the kitchen works tops clear and ensure there is no washing up in the sink

· Ensure the bedrooms are tidy, put clothes away, ensure beds are made and remove any personalised posters etc, so not to distract the viewer from appreciating the room

· In the bathroom clear away toiletries, sponges, medication and make up that can accumulate. Clear away children’s bath toys and if possible put out clean, dry, folded towels. Bath and shower fittings should be spotlessly clean. Open windows to clear away any excess moisture.

· Make sure doors to the garden, balcony and garages doors are unlocked to avoid any embarrassment searching for keys while the viewing is taking place.

· Tidy up any general mess in the garden, mow the lawn. If conducting the viewing yourself try and leave showing the garden until the end to avoid muddy footprints around the house.

· Keep any pets out of the house –there’s always a possibility that someone may feel differently toward pets, may be allergic or have phobias. For this reason, we recommend that you ask someone to look after your pet or take them out for a walk during viewings, or at least confine them to a small area.

· You darling children can be very distracting to buyers, so try and see if someone can take them out or babysit them if you are showing people around.

Conducting Viewings

· Try and make yourself as available as possible for viewings as potential buyers would be looking to view at various times of the week. Better still why not let the agent conduct the viewings for you and maybe give them a key. With your permission they could show the potential buyers around for you while you are at work or have other obligations.

· Greet the buyers warmly Hi & welcome my name is Jane, please do come in, don’t worry about your shoes its fine…. “

· Tell them what you have liked / enjoyed whilst living at the property

· Try not to state the obvious, e.g. walking into the kitchen and saying “ this is the kitchen “ - they probably know !!

· Instead try think of 2 or 3 key things to point out about each room, e.g.:

o The fridge freezer is integrated and is included in the sale

o The gas boiler has been serviced each year

o We really enjoy eating at the dining table with the French doors and view to the garden it’s great in summer as well with the fresh breeze.

o The shower has an eco setting which reduces the amount of water used

o The tv is currently on a sky aerial, but you can get freesat or freeview just as easily

· Let the viewer walk into each room first so they get a feel for the size of the rooms without you standing in front of them.

· Offer for them to go around again on their own

· At the end of the viewing, thank them for coming and mention they are welcome to come again for a 2ndlook around if they wish.





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