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Mike Roxburgh - nu: move Liverpool 

“Back in November 2015 I had taken voluntary severance from my job with a local housing association and was looking at opportunities to start my own business within the housing sales and lettings industry.

Having spent hours of research on the options available and speaking to several different franchises out there I came across nu: move online estate agents and opened a dialogue with this family owned business where the companies’ future development and vision for its growth into a trusted, leading national brand was relayed to me.

Not being one to jump into things I spent time discussing the business with several existing franchisees from across the country to get their view of the business and found that everyone I spoke to was extremely positive and optimistic for the future. Armed with this information I took the decision to invest and purchased a franchise with them.

12 months down the line with the company developing fast, I find myself with opportunities I hadn’t thought possible upon joining. I have a quickly growing portfolio of properties marketed for sale and a similarly developing lettings agency and EPC company that compliments the nu: move brand perfectly, all backed up by simple easy to use cloud based systems that make business so easy to perform.

Nu: move is growing fast, it is the future of property sales, get on board whilst you still can.”

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