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From High Street to Online to being my own boss:

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Before nu:move, I began my career working within the traditional high street model. After many years I started to see the advances of technology and decided to take a different career path and worked for a well known online agent. After a couple of years I realised that this model wasn’t offering the service that the consumers wanted or needed. I also felt that the traditional high street model needed change and with the advance of technology and online marketing I decided there must be a way of combining a blend of traditional values with a modern approach. I wanted to become my own boss but without the expensive set up and running cost of starting from scratch. After some research and due diligence I came across nu:move. A business that allowed me to be my own boss, run my own business at a fraction of the cost of setting up on my own. I had now discovered a model that does exactly what I thought the industry needed. A business model with low overheads that meant these savings could be passed to the consumer but at the same time being able to offer the full estate agency service operating in my own territory. From valuation to completion the franchise model is set up so that each franchisee is able to offer a full hands on local service along with the back end support from nu:move that helps streamlines the business for the franchisee.

When employed in the corporate world you're earning fees for the company but you only get to keep 5-20% for yourself, you work long hours in sometimes stressful environments which can be draining. The setup of nu:move turns that on it's head and now I keep the bigger portion of the commission and I'm building something for myself and my family.

When I invested in the franchise I was a franchisee operating in my own territory. I soon became a Regional Director. With myself and the Co-Founders of nu:move working very closely, having the same vision of how the business operates, with how we see the industry changing and what the industry needs, I then became Operations Director.

nu:move operates across the UK with Regional Directors in all the major cities across the country. We also diverse into other areas that includes overseas properties, investment properties and auction.

What does the future hold for nu:move?

We are already established, knowledgeable and profitable. The next steps for nu:move is to roll out the successful nu:move franchise to all corner corners of the UK. We are now in a position to grow the profile of the company.

With the online / hybrid model having 8% of the market there is considerable room for growth. With the high streets not having the footfall they once had and the online only model seemingly faceless, unable to offer a service to match the consumers expectations and not profitable there is a real place in the market for a model like nu:move that offers the same local presence as a traditional model without the high overheads that are needed to run an office but with modern methods.





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