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Covid 19 Guidance & Support For Selling & Letting Your Home.

COVID 19 Viewing guidance

· Viewings should first happen "virtually"

· Physical visits by appointments only - no open house

· Speculative viewings are "highly discouraged"

· All internal doors should be opened where possible

· Lights should be on if dark or gloomy / curtains left open

· The current occupier should vacate the building during the viewing

· Hand washing before entering the property

· And all surfaces, including door handles should be "thoroughly cleaned"

· Do not shake hands with anyone

· Must adhere to the 2m social distancing measures at all time.

· Maximum of two people from same household allowed to view at the same time

· If 2 people from same household are viewing, they can go in together

· If same household plus children, then one adult at a time with no children

· Prior to the viewing we will ask the viewer by email/text how many will be attending on the viewing

· The viewings will be limited to one viewing a day on each property or where possible a 2-hour interval between viewings.

numove Covid 19 Guidance & Support 2020
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Viewing Procedure

Prior to Viewing

· Occupier/agent must ensure that all internal doors are left open

· Lights are turned on if gloomy or dark, curtains must be left open

· All surfaces, including door handles and light switches should be "thoroughly cleaned"

· When the viewer arrives, the front door must be open, viewer to wait a safe 2m distance to allow the occupier or agent to move away from the front door to allow the viewer to enter the property.

· Both viewer and occupier must wash hands in sanitizer

· We advice all parties to where a mask and disposable gloves

During the viewing

· Occupier/agent must wait outside while viewing takes place

· Viewer must not touch anything with in the property (door handles, work tops, switches etc….)

· Viewer must not use the WC

End of viewing

· Viewer must vacate and keep at least 2m away from the occupier/agent as part of the social distance measures.

· It is not encouraged for the parties to talk outside once the viewing has taken place

· Viewer must use sanitizer to clean hands immediately after viewing the property

· Occupier/agent must use sanitizer to clean hands prior to entering the property again

· All surfaces, door handles, light switches throughout property must be thoroughly cleaned.

· Hands must be thoroughly cleaned once again

These measures are in place to protect the safety of our staff, vendor and viewer as outlined by the Government. We will not be relax these measures for any reason if asked. If we do get asked this could result in the viewing not going ahead.

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